Stow Classic Cape 

This is the story of a house with "great bones" and a client who allowed me to repurpose the first floor of her home into a ocean-front cottage.  From the bead-board wainscoting to the existing sea-foam colored walls, the living room had exciting potential. A mishmosh of kitchen gadgets and outdated window treatments invited a thoughtful update. The dining room was a stunning example of good lighting and beautiful woodwork that needed nothing.  What came to be know as the "antique room" and a room filled with exercise equipment, books, guitars but no invitation to use, was the last of the five rooms to come alive.  Here's the story from beginning to pictures.



Dear Betsy,

    I really enjoyed our visit today. I am thrilled to be working with you again and cannot wait for you to work your magic on my upstairs bedroom and bathroom.

    I also wanted to share my thoughts about your work, as I think it has been about a year since you redesigned the first floor of my home. First and foremost, I need you to know how much I love spending time at home. I often find myself walking from room to room just marveling at the remarkable change. Each morning, I sit and read in my cozy fireplace room and then move on and have coffee in my beach-inspired living room. Simply by moving from one special space to another, I feel like I am in a whole new place entirely, like I am on vacation. 

I appreciate how you listen to ideas, know what will work and what will not work, and inject your own sense of style. Your sense of style is, after all, the reason I sought your help. My downstairs is no longer a cluttered maze filled with oversized furniture that did not work in its space. Now, it is light, open, uncluttered, comfortable, and simply beautiful.

    I cannot thank you enough for transforming my home. 

It is now August and we're back at this classic cape, re-styling the master bedroom that needs an update.  Our process works this way: the client and I meet, talk together and share ideas, and write up a tentative proposal.  We both agree paint color needs to change and we narrow our focus to a pale blue, Benjamin Moore Constellation.  Painting goes off without a hitch and now it's time for a restyle.  The client listens to my suggestions of a rug, sheer curtains, bed linens to compliment the wall color and a makeover for the desk and chair in the dormer alcove.  We create a budget and I head out to shop with a finish date of the following week.  I've documented our progress so take a peek and see how easy it can be...

Keep calm and hire an interior stylist!