Founded by Betsy Kyle in 2015, Vignette Home Design worked to refresh, repurpose and redesign homes to give that whole new look you've been searching for.

Now in April of 2019, Betsy is opening White Pine Home, a retail shop showcasing the lovely decor and accessories that she has been styling with in client homes, as well as her own.

Betsy will work to create the warmth, comfort and style your home may be missing.  

Betsy Kyle  Sole Proprietor

Betsy Kyle
Sole Proprietor

Introducing....drum roll, please... THE RELUCTANT WOODWORKER.

Introducing....drum roll, please...THE RELUCTANT WOODWORKER.

Leo Egan, my husband, guitar player extraordinaire, retired BOSE employee, and THE RELUCTANT WOODWORKER.  Since day one of Vignette Home Design and White Pine Home, he has always done anything and everything I have asked of him...

Headboards, dining tables, flower beds, picture frames, nature boxes, more picture frames, shelves, containers for flower arrangements, and mantels. 

He's driven things around and picked things up, he's moved things, he has vacationed with me so I can shop, he's been a great son-in-law, he even went to the pool with me on dark February days, against his will, and he loves the same draft beer I love, sitting oceanside.  I can't tell you how many pictures he's looked at of things that I love, just to give him some ideas for his woodworking bench!

A professional is someone who can do his best work when he doesn’t feel like it.