Founded by Betsy Kyle in 2015, Vignette Home Design strives to refresh, repurpose and redesign homes to give you the whole new look you've been searching for.


Betsy and her staff will work to create the warmth, comfort and style your home may be missing.  We will clean, organize, re-locate furniture & props, re-purpose pieces from different places and make your home the place you want it to be!

The Vignette Home Design mission is to design and create a space that is welcoming each time you enter it.

Our vision at Vignette is that we believe each room has a intention to satisfy a need.  Whatever that need is...nourishment, relaxation, work, play or sleep, that room wants to be clean, clutter-free, sensible and simple. But beautiful, too.

We will transform your space, residential or commercial, into a creatively appointed, intuitively designed and affordable room, one room at a time.

Our company values are integrity, passionate, and energetic.